Re: _P.leptoceras_ from Pilztal

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Wed, 2 Mar 1994 09:43:35 +0800

>>Can you or 'anyone' else give me advice on the cultivation of Genlisea
>>violacea? I have a small plant which I germinated from seed August
>>1992 and which to my delight, and after much effort, flowered early
>>last summer when I was able to move it into my greenhouse. Prior to
>>that I had lost two flower stalks as the humidity in my terrarium, I
>>presume, was too high. I should add that 'home' is in Ireland and so
>>temperatures are a bit of a problem!

My plants of this species grow in my indoor nepenthes tank
under lights. It's about 70 F in there, maybe dropping to
65 at night. Humidity is close to 100%. Plants are grown
very wet, and they bloom profusely. I get roots forming
in the air at the bracts on the scapes, and these are quite
easy to root to make new plants.