leptoceros and Genlisea

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Wed, 2 Mar 94 10:16:24 MST

>_P.vulgaris_, (_P.grandiflora_), (_P.balcanica_), and _P.leptoceras_ (the
>corolla is blue-violet, isn't it?).

Jan, it is not mature, but looks like it will be blue-violet.

>Jan, I mean the correct name is not "Pilztal" but "Pitztal", a valley

The last few messages got garbled in transmission to me. So the wisdom on
the net says these plants are from Pitztal, a valley in *what* country?

>Can you or 'anyone' else give me advice on cultivation of Genlisea violacea?

Joe: Sounds like you are doing quite well already. I have written an article
for eventual publication in CPN, which I could email you if you would like.
It is on cultivation of _G.hispidula_ and _G.violacea_.