Re: Looking for Darlingtonia California (sp ?)

Earl Nishiguchi (earln@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Mon, 28 Feb 94 9:59:56 HST

> Danny,
> At one of our local (New Orleans) garden shops they have
> Darlingtonias in the little plastic cups. The label says
> they are from CIP nursery. I can find more about the
> nursery so you can see if any of your local shops carry
> their stuff. I would like to try Darligtonias but I'm
> afaraid our New Orleans summers would be death for them.
> --
> Phil Mueller

CIP Nursery also sells plants (Darlingtonias, VFT, and Sarracenia (?)) to
Hawaii also. I see them in the plant shops in Honolulu. Most of them
look half dead...