Looking for Darlingtonia California (sp ?)

Mon, 28 Feb 1994 08:59:38 CST

I'm relatively new to "successfully" growing carnivorous plants. Mom
used to try to grow Venus Fly traps years ago, but she was never able
to keep them through the winter (not understanding their dormancy
cycle). Well, last year (after I'd gotten a degree in horticulture
and several more years experience since), I saw a cute little Dionea
at some nursery being rotted to death by that horrible little
terrarrium thing, so I decided to rescue it. Since then it's
flowered, and grown into two large plants with 5 or 6 small offsets
sprouting as we speak (all are now coming out of dormancy).
Given that success, I'd like to try two plants that have always
"fascinated" me, though I've never tried them, some nice (will rely
on the lists idea of nice) Sundew, and a Darlingtonia.
Is there anyone out there that has plants of these they'd be willing
to sell and ship to Arkansas ? I'd just as soon not mess with
ordering from nurseries if possible, I suspect that individuals have
much larger and nicer plants than a commercial nursery is likely to
have on hand.

Awaiting your reply/advice

Danny Barron
Fayetteville, AR