Re: Aldrovandra
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 12:29:35 CST

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> >>Subject: Aldrovandra
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> >>I have several small pieces of Aldrovandra emerging from dormancy.
> >>They are already being overwhelmed by algae. Does anyone have any
> >>suggestions on how to save my poor plants?
> I wonder if an acquarium store might not have something that can
> help? If you have several pieces, ask for a chemical that is
> plant safe. Or maybe get a Plecostamus (sucker fish) and/or
> algae-eating snails? Of course if it's on the plant itself the
> chemical answer may be the only answer.

I might warn you, if plecs get hungry, they will start nibbling on the
plants, thats true of many snail species not enough algae,
they have to find nourishment. Danny