Re: Aldrovandra

Rick Walker (
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 11:36:02 -0800


> >>I have several small pieces of Aldrovandra emerging from dormancy.
> >>They are already being overwhelmed by algae. Does anyone have any
> >>suggestions on how to save my poor plants?

I think you can either try a balanced eco-system, where other plants or fish
keep the algae in check, or you can switch to a sterile monoculture.

For the monoculture, you could grow the plants in a sterile nutrient
solution. (Maybe Pringsheim & Pringsheim formula as per Jan's Utric
recommendation?). You could make a gradual transition to a pure culture
by successive dilution. To do this you would periodically rinse the
plant material in a mild antiseptic, trim back to a meristem, and change
the media. Hopefully the Aldrovanda will eventually outgrow the
contamination and you will end up with a pure culture.

I once used this technique to isolate a pure culture of a
filamentatious green algae.

Maybe you can split your remaining plants into two lots and try both