Droser mutt

Sat, 26 Feb 94 23:48:27 EST

I am, more or less, a Nepenthes man. But about 6 months ago I
received a Nepenthes from a friend of mine which had a "stowaway."
By this I mean that about three months after I transplanted my new
plant a Drosera seedling sprouted at it's base. I asked my friend where
it could have come from and he had absolutely no idea as he does not
grow such plants.

The plant had a lot of character so I let it live amongst my Nepenthes. It
is now about 2 centimeters in diameter and I am starting to get curious
as to what it is, exactly. The part of the leaf with the sticky tendrils is
approximately 3 millimeters across without the tendrils and 7
millimeters with. The length of this section of the leaf is about 8
millimeters long and the stalk leading up to it is about 3 millimeters.
Getting these measurements was a little messy. The color is a light
green and there does not seem to be any color in the tendrils. I am not
sure whether this is a mature speciman, but it has been growing in
earnest for about 2 months.

So, do I ever have any chance at identifying this plant or do I have a
mutt on my hands?