Re: New to this list, also re: cats eating Sundews

Jon Singer (
Sat, 26 Feb 94 19:16:58 PST

I don't know how many of you also hang out on the HERB mailinglist,
but there has recently been some mention of _D._rotundifolia_ there as
an herbal medicament of some bland sort.

Although qatz are different from people in the biochemistry
department, this does _tentatively_ suggest that they _probably_ won't
injure themselves by devouring your Sundews. On the other hand, you
and your Sundews may not appreciate the results of future incursions,
and you may want to get your moggies a Spider plant
(_Chlorophytum_comosum_), which they also seem to dote upon. I don't
think _that_'s toxic either, and it just might keep them distracted.
Maybe. You should be so lucky.

jon singer