Don Burden (donb@iglou.com)
Mon, 21 Feb 94 00:04 EST

Please note my e-mail address has changed. The old address "donb@coplex.com"
will not work after next month. The new address is "donb@iglou.com".

> I am interested in the following books:
> 1. Common Marsh, Underwater & Floating Leaved Plants of the United States &
> Canada by Neil Hotchkiss. 1972

This is available from Dover Books for $8.95 soft cover. Shipping is a flat
$3 for any order. Address is:
Dover Publications, Inc.
11 East 2nd St.
Mineola, NY 11501
Write and ask for their free book catalogs if you want to see a complete
list of books they sell. The above book is in their Nature Book Catalog.
They also have a nice selection in their Science Book Catalog. Neil
Hotchkiss, by the way, is or was a professor at the University of Louisville.
I haven't looked him up recently.

Soils for CP not found in acidic soils:
I have been growing D. linearis for the past 2+ years in a mix of play sand,
vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss (3:1:1:1). It seems to be doing well
and getting bigger each year. Silica sand is quartz (silica dioxide)
crystals and has a distinct glassy look. The individual crystals can be
seen without a microscope and have sharp edges and are box-like. The play
sand we get around here I suspect is based on limestone and looks very
different from pure silica sand, and so would be great to use for a basic
soil. This sand is probably from some Indiana limestone quarry (many are
nearby) rather than collected from a beach.

Acclimating CP to higher light conditions:
Most Drosera like full sun and put out new leaves often enough that the
plant can just be put directly into full sun from lower light conditions
without worrying about acclimating the plant first - any leaves that may
get sunburned will be quickly replaced by new growth.

Many Nepenthes don't receive full sun in nature. When these are put
outside they can just go into bright indirect light and will do well.

Plants I will have for sale in a month or two:
rooted Nepenthes cuttings - $10 each:
N. x dominii 'intermedia', N. x boissiense 'rubra', N. x wrigleyana (Kosobe).

Pings - several species at $1.50 for a couple small plants.
D. pygmaea, D. dielsiana, D. capensis, D. binata, D. adelae, ??? - $2.50 for
several/many plants.
D. villosa - $5 (two year old plants 4" in diameter in 4" pot).

Could someone send me a P. kondoi this spring from those I sent this species
to in the past? All my plants died of crown rot for some reason. Maybe
they like warmer temperatures.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA