The Gardens of the Sun

Kevin Snively (
Sun, 20 Feb 1994 09:12:36 -0800

i began writing this in response to a question Seve B.
tryed to ask over my ansuring machine while i was shoping for
more copys of this book and helping andrew marshall with his
greenhouse construction project. when i got Steves message it
was too late to call back 21:00 hrs pst 24:00 hrs est so i
wrotethis ansure instead. after reading it back i thaught the
others intrested in this book might want more info also.

The Gardens of the Sun is a book. the copys i've been making
available are being purchased new from a store called 1/2
price books (a store specializing in used and recently out of
print books). the book was originally published in 1880.

Fredrick William Burbidge the author was commissoned
in 1877-8 by James Veitch and Sons to collect "new & beautiful
plants, Especially Pitcher Plants, from Borneo, for introduction
to cultivation." Among the plants he introbuced were _N. rajah_,
_N. bicalcarata_ & _N. burbidgei_ named for his wife.

the book is paper bound 364 pages reprinted with
illustrations by Oxford university press in 1991. an early color
lithograph of _N. rafflesiana_ is on the cover and a line drawing
of _N. bicalcarata_ by the author is included near the end. the
book is a Journal (adventure story) topical to _Nepenthes_ and
botany not a key or cutivational hand book. fun reading and a
first hand history lesson.

some recent reviewers had this to say about the book

>Date:Mon, 6 Dec 1993 14:02:32 -0800
> (Barry Meyers-Rice)
>Hey all:
>I've been reading through Gardens of the Sun by Burbidge, the
>book Kevin S was sending to people, and can tell you the book
>is a treat! It's a lovely period book, and a lot of fun to read.
>I see back then, 1877, Burbidge noted the relationship between
>the ant and _N.bicalcarata_.
>Gotta run!

>Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 08:19:20 -0800
>From: Michael <>
>Subject: Gardens in the Sun

>KRS, I'd be interested in the Garden in the Sun book, if more
>should turn up. (What was the price?). I got a chance to see
>Barry's copy and thought it was interesting. (not holding my
>breath! :-)
>Michael Chamberland

on saturday i did indeed find one more copy for you
Michael. i talked to the Mgr. of the store and she will check
the warehouse that they bought them from for more if we are
intrested in more.

kevin s