_Dionaea_ germination

Kevin Snively (ksnive@hebron.connected.com)
Fri, 18 Feb 1994 21:08:59 -0800

i figured out how to convert my cp journal to ascii format
for you mathew hope this helps. i grow in dirt and am hybridizing
for hardyness in our wird neighborhood losses from winter
1992-1993 may also be attributable to plants breaking dormancy
before the final freeze of the year. (they broke dormancy
in jan. this year!)
krs ;-|]

Dionaea muscipula

08-18-92 First seed of the year collected. some capsules appear to
dehisce. Seed labeled & refrigerated.

08-21-92 Seed from three flowers collected & sown as lot #08-21-92

08-23-92 The two largest colonies were transplanted into one
classic 8000 pot ( very large) now lot # C-8000

09-02-92 Lot #08-21-92 Germination is begun @ twelve days. Temp's
aprox. 70-80 Deg. F. with fresh seed. Lot #C-8000 some of
its own seed sown on top of its own pot. Lot #C-8000 will
be left out side all year as a test of hardiness.

09-08-92 More seed collected from lot #C-8000 and sown as
lot #09-08-92a & 09-08-92b

09-14-92 More seed sown lot #09-14-92

09-20-92 Lot #09-08-92a & 09-08-92b germination is begun.

09-27-92 Lot #09-14-92 germination is begun.

01- -93 Lot #C-8000 First two weeks of the new year low Temp's.
of 17 Deg. F. The Big Freeze-dry.

09-11-93 90% of lot #C-8000 destroyed by the Big Freeze-dry. Only
three plants survived. Death was most likely caused by
dehydration. A good % of the seed sown on 09-02-92
germinated indicating that low Temp. alone did not do the
killing.The summer of 1993 was a pour year for
Several plants that survived the Big Freeze-dry were
acquired from Myrl Siereveld lot #1993 f 1 & #1993 f 2.
Lot #09-14-92 moved to greenhouse to harden off for
winter dormancy this lot grown under lights for one
continuous year. New stock purchased during 1993 given
lot #1993 N.S. All seed lots from 1992 were grown indoors
under lights for a minimum of nine continues months.

09-12-93 Fresh seed planted in doors under lights. Lot #09-12-93 AM

09-19-93 More seed planted in doors under lights. Lot #09-19-93 RZ

09-22-93 Lot #09-12-93 Early signs of germination evident.
( Tap roots.)

10-09-93 Lot #09-12-93 Growth progressing nicely. Numerous
plantlets are easily visible with the cotyledons free of
the seed capsule and wide open. Lot #09-19-93 Early signs
of germination evident. (Tap roots.)