Re: Sphagnum

Fri, 18 Feb 1994 18:41:50 -0700 (MST)

On Fri, 18 Feb 1994 14:08:07 -0800 Barry Meyers-Rice said:

>Oh, and I think Matt was asking about getting spores of _Sphagnum_. Matt,
>_Sphagnum_ very rarely if ever produces spores. It is almost always
>asexual. A nice book on _Sphagnum_ etc. is by a guy named, I think,

I've seen Sphagnum with sporophytes quite a few times. Always though, this
has been in the field or on Sphagnum that was obviously recently collected.
I have witnessed "regrowth" of sphagnum from bone-dry bagged moss. This
must have been from spores. Plus, I've found nice mats of Sphagnum above
the tree-line in the White Mts. of New Hampshire. It probably got up there
by spores...