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Robert Allen (
Thu, 17 Feb 94 16:26 pst

>>Drosera sp. 'Lake Badgerup'
>The second parent is the variant of _D.nitidula_ considered by LOWRIE (&
>MARCHANT?) to represent what was described as _D.omissa_ by DIELS.
>it is *most unlikely* that the plant described and depicted by LOWRIE
>should be the same as that described by DIELS (cf. a note by CHEEK in a
>recent issue of CPN). Thus, there is actually *no* valid name at
>rank for this taxon at the moment.
>>Pinguicula sp. 'species nova No. 4'
>In SLACK's book: _P.rotundiflora_
>SLACK thought that his plant (depicted in his book) was the same as that
>one cultivated by WEINER under this "name". Which was *not* the case,
>however: WEINER's plant was _P.reticulata_.
>Do you see why I do not like this kind of "naming"?
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Thank you much for the information. Keeping up with accepted names (when
they are accepted) proves difficult for many; especially when their
available reference material is 8 years old. :-( Adding to the
confusion, of course, is the bunching and splitting that goes on among
taxonomists. It sounds like good communication is an important factor in
all this. I'll have to get myself over to the nearby University to find
other reference material. Must try to keep up with the ever-changing
world of cp horticulture. ;-)

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