Re: Intro (& VFTs)

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 17 Feb 1994 15:11:37 +0800

>>> Get a butterwort or sundew to eat some of these :-). Unfortunately
>>> the larvae of these little guys tends to eat some ping roots, I
>>> think.
>> Sorry, not familiar with the term 'ping' (outside of the computer
>>world, that is). I would guess this is a type (genus) of carnivorous plant?
>> Need I worry about them (my guess is 'no', since the plant appears healthy)?

"pings" are butterworts, after the genus name of Pinguicula (which
few people care to write or speak in common correspondance :-)).
They generally have large, flat, greasy leaves that trap small
gnats. The U.S. species are somewhat difficult to grow due to
their need for winter dormancy and their tendency to rot if
over watered, but some of the mexican species are very easy
to grow if you follow just a few basic rules. One of those
rules seems to be don't grow them in peat moss...