Re:^4 Devil's Claw

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Thu, 17 Feb 94 08:15:23 DST

>I have discovered that lots of people claim to grow _I.lutea_, but it
>has turned out that in every case they are growing some species of
>_Proboscidea_, usually _P.louisianica_.
>This "short-lived perennial" which is probably perennial in the
>right conditions can be distinguished pretty easily even out of flower
>because IT IS SPINEY!!!!!!!
>So if you find a plant labelled _I.lutea_ or _P.lutea_ or _M.lutea_
>that is NOT spiny, it is the WRONG plant.

Nuff said - this isn't I. lutea (and I assume the others aren't carnivorous).

BTW Barry, I remember that you grow/grew Stapelia gigantea. What is the growth
form of this plant - mine is like a bizarre candelabra with only the cutting
stem in the ground and a dozen branches (most "branched" again). This is
unlike the other Stapelias I've seen which "creep" as each stem emerges at
ground level and sends out a stem or two and so on.

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