Re: Re: Re: Devils claw

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 14:58:40 MST

OK. Enough questions about _Martyniaceae_ and I am shaken out of my
post-sushi reverie, compliments of a recent trip to San Diego.

The species of plant in this family thought to be carnivorous is _Ibicella
lutea_, which is sometimes dropped into other genera like _Proboscidea_ or

I have discovered that lots of people claim to grow _I.lutea_, but it
has turned out that in every case they are growing some species of
_Proboscidea_, usually _P.louisianica_.

This "short-lived perennial" which is probably perennial in the
right conditions can be distinguished pretty easily even out of flower
because IT IS SPINEY!!!!!!!

So if you find a plant labelled _I.lutea_ or _P.lutea_ or _M.lutea_
that is NOT spiny, it is the WRONG plant.

When in San Diego last week, none of the herbaria I visited had _I.lutea_,
although I didn't get a chance to visit the real herbaria, part of the
university system. But I did find out that (Bay area people take note)
the plant grows as an occasional weed in Sacramento and San Joachin valleys.