Re: Acclimating CPs to direct sunlight

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 14:53:48 EST

>>>I now understand that only the new growth will
have the necessary protection, and that I can expect anything
that grew under lights to get sunburned.>>>

Perry: I have Nepenthes that I keep indoors during our brief winter and then
move out during the spring. In fact, a few have already spent several days
outside. I believe it depends on the species and your interior conditions.
Most particularly, I think the damage to existing leaves may be more due to
sig. changes in humidity. For mine, the older existing leaves do not dessicate
or die (some species do turn red), although older traps will die earlier than
they would have otherwise. I have one specimen where all the leaves turn red
while the traps remain pale green.