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Paul Temple (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 19:21:09 +0000

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No-one seems to have said the obvious (or did I miss it) such as:

Brocchinia is terrestrial so grow it in a pot, not epiphytically

It takes light as strong as you like - even sunlight through glass

If you reduce the light, it flattens out so it cant hold water, but in
enough light it's leaves grow bolt upright to form a watertight tube
(or tank as it's referred to gewnerally in bromeliads)

Keep the tank watered.

Keep the plant standing in water (like a bog plant), but less so in cold

Never let it dry out completely, it's intolerant of drought

As to suppliers, someone (apologies I forget who) said Allan Lowrie
sells it siometimes and (as suggested by someone else) Germany does
too. Only reliable (?) way to find it is regularly get ALL the CP
suppliers' lists and write like fury when you see it advertised!

As to Jan (who I'm trying to cultivate as a friend so why am I writing
this?), I guess you don't really like me thinking of Italien Oak galls
as carnivorous! As to my yet unpublished views on some Puya being
potentially carnivorous, I guess I can't count on your support! (Ever
seen wild Puya? The leaf tips have points that really do deter any
potentially hungry/thirsty critter. Understandable, as Puya is a
desert bromeliad. But what would explain the leaf edge being covered
in large INWARD pointing hooks? I'm fascinated by Puya's preponderance
of trapped and decaying birds that get into the centre but can't get
out. And the nutrient is absorbed. Carnivory?)