Re: CP in Southern California
Tue, 15 Feb 94 00:40:01 EST

Scott, I can send you the seed if you provide me with a snail mail address.
Or you can look me up when you're out here. My phone number is 818 248-1623.

I'm trying to form a Society, but I'm short a meeting area and time to invest
in the search. I've called Steve Clancy to see if he has any ideas, but he
hasn't responded yet. There are approximately 100 people growing CP in
Southern California. I know only 10 +/-.

On bringing plants into California, if they are not in soil, I believe it is
okay. At least this is what I was told, but the gentleman at the inspection
station suggested that I investigate further. That was enough for me. I
smuggled my plants in.

What are you growing? Where will you be located? You don't plan on moving
too soon and missing the winter? I prefer an occasional tremor to cold toes.

Good luck in your change,