CP in Southern California

Scott Brown (hsbrown@arnold.Princeton.EDU)
Thu, 10 Feb 94 12:55:47 EST

I will be moving to Laguna Beach in about a month and had some questions
for the local growers.
1) How is the tap water quality in Orange County. Do you filter your
CP water or is tap good enough. If filtering is no good, what do
you do for pure water (since there is almost no rain to collect)?

2) The place I will be moving to is VERY close to the ocean (50 feet
up a cliff). Would this proximity to the salt water cause any
unusual problems? I know there was some talk lately about this but
I never really saw a consencus opinion.

3) What is the best way to get my plants acoss country. Carl Gustafson
was concerned that some kind of permit might be required. I have
gotten different answers on this from the airlines, department of
agriculture, etc. I think I will just try to put them in luggage
for the airline. I would hate to have nepenthes hybrids confiscated
because I can't document that they were not collected illegally. Am
I being overly paranoid?

4) I was going to ship the plants bare-root so will need supplies quickly
when I arrive. Does anybody have a favorite nursery that they can
recommend as a source for inexpensive Sphagnum, peat, sand, etc.

Scott Brown

P.S. Are there any local CP societies in the area?