Re: CP in Southern California

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 10 Feb 1994 10:15:31 +0800

>>3) What is the best way to get my plants acoss country. Carl Gustafson
>> was concerned that some kind of permit might be required. I have
>> gotten different answers on this from the airlines, department of
>> agriculture, etc. I think I will just try to put them in luggage
>> for the airline. I would hate to have nepenthes hybrids confiscated
>> because I can't document that they were not collected illegally. Am
>> I being overly paranoid?

Pehaps. You could just mail them out via next day air. Of course
if you have few plants then putting them in luggage might be easiest.
If it was me, I probably wouldn't tell anyone what was in the box.
>>4) I was going to ship the plants bare-root so will need supplies quickly
>> when I arrive. Does anybody have a favorite nursery that they can
>> recommend as a source for inexpensive Sphagnum, peat, sand, etc.
>>Scott Brown
>>P.S. Are there any local CP societies in the area?

I don't know, but quarterly there is the BCPS meeting in the
San Francisco Bay Area, and people from SoCal and even out of
state make the trip. From Socal it's probably about an 8 hour
drive. While you're up here you could visit California Carnivores
in Sonoma, the Berkeley CP collection, and perhaps some local growers.