Re: CP in Southern California
Fri, 11 Feb 94 22:14:28 EST

Dear Scott: I'm in the Los Angeles Area. I believe the problem with
bringing plants into California is totally unrelated with CITIES concerns.
Cal. is an ag state and the ag interests are very powerful, so plants are
generally not allowed into California if they are in soil (nematodes).
Rooted in sphagnum shouldn't be a problem, but keep a very low profile. Your
luggage is probably a good idea.

If you plan on being in LA, I may be able to direct you. We don't have a
society, but I plan on starting one as soon as I figure out where to meet.
As they say, LA's the Place (where the faults meet). Be sure to bring a
hardhat, a flashlight with extra batteries and 2 gallons of bottled water for
every day you plan to stay in LA. Always think Earthquake Preparedness!

Tom Johnson