Re: Drosophylum Germination

Glenn Rankin (
Wed, 9 Feb 94 16:37:58 PST

Robert Allen writes:
> ...
> >>
> >>2) Don't scarify the seeds. Joe says that that makes the seeds susceptible
> >> to fungus.
> >>
> >>3) Push the seeds into the medium (1/2 perlite 1/2 vermiculite) so you
> >> can almost not see them from above.
> I'm surprised that he's using vermiculite. I imagine
> scarified seeds would be prone to fungus in such a
> damp medium. I use mostly sand and perlite, with a
> little peat.
> >>
> >>4) Keep the pot sitting in a dish of water.
> >>
> ...

In my first, not so successful, attempt I did use about 50/50 (volume) sand
and peat. Since my pots were outside I was worried about the seedlings
drying out.

Joe points out that his very light medium makes it very easy to transplant
good size seedlings without harming the roots.

Robert, what was the environment you had success with?
Indoors? Outdoors? What were the temperature and humidity excursions?
How much sun?