a little nervous

Wed, 09 Feb 94 14:41:22 PST

I noticed that my D. adelae on one of its leaves has started to form
yellow patches working its way inward. New growth is forming rapidly
but wondered if that is a symptom of something. Currently it's growing
in 100% sphagnum in a south facing 60F nighttime and 70-75 day. It's
also wearing a plastic bag which was p ut on only recently as I thought
it might be caused by low humidity. Is this a normal phenom. Lighting maybe?
Also tried to germinate D. capensis giant and D. burmannii seeds under
plastic. At the first hint of mold or fungus I removed the plastic
cover. I noticed what I assume were the seeds producing small white
balls. I put a fluorescent strip 1" away and the fungus disappeared.
Is the fungus so prolific that I have n o real chance of germination or
should I keep going. Seeds were planted 1/25 an d are in an east facing
with above temps. Oh, they were bedded in milled sphagn um in ice cube
trays (thought that might isolate fungus colonies if they started
nope). Care to share your seed germ setups. Are warming mats worth the
investment? Take any advice I can get Thanks Kirk