Re: Brocchinia

Tue, 08 Feb 1994 18:02:50 +0200 (EET)

>Thank you to everyone that had an opinion on the status of Brocchinia (and
>others) as CP. However, I would like to re-address my questions:

>1. Does anyone have *useful* information about Brocchinia that they can
>share with me?

The original paper describing Brocchinia as carnivorous was published in
American Naturalist ca. 1984. I do not remember the exact reference, but
it should be easy to find.


PS The list of carnivorous plants presented in this discussion contained
one genus previously unknown to me. It's name has already slipped from my mind,
but it should be easy to guess what genus I mean. Could someone tell us more
about it?

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