Here's a (probably expensive) answer to lighting w/out heat.
Wed, 2 Feb 94 14:43:36 HKT

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Robert Allen wrote

> I'd check a large hardware store, and if that fails, a marine
> supply store (tell them you want a full battalion :-)). I've
> seen fixtures which were absolutely waterproof. Typically they
> also had a metal skeleton to protect the bulb.

My friend has just bought a metal halide fixture for his aquarium. The
fixture is from Philips which is designed for outdoor use, i.e.
waterproof. The range of bulbs includes sodium and metal halide - 70W,
150W, 250W, and 400W.

I have a brochure here. The sodium lamp fixtures are designed SNF,
mercury HNF, and the metal halide MNF.

FYI, the 70W MH fixture with bulb costs HK$1650 and the 150W HK$1750
(USD 1 = HK$7.8 ).

In a lighting supply store, similar fixture costs approximately USD30
cheaper than the Philips ones.

Shing Lam