Here's a (probably expensive) answer to lighting w/out heat.

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Tue, 1 Feb 1994 14:20:29 +0800

I get Photonics magazine free. It's one of those industry
rags. The January '94 issue has a short review of a new
product called The Light Pipe. It's designed for situations
that require easy cleaning, such as HAZMAT rooms:

"this illumination system from TIR Systems Ltd. in
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, is a large scale
linear system consisting of a 250/400 watt metal
halide luminaire and a seperate 6" round or 8" square
hollow lightguide. The luminaires introduce light
into the lightguide at one or both ends and can be
spaced up to 88 feet apart. The lightguide is lined
with an optically precise, reflective surface that traps
light by total internal reflection. Internal components force
the light to escape evenly and gradually along it's entire

The Light Pipe outlines the top of the City Centre Plaza
in Toronto, the Minnesota Center near Minneapolis, and
the 850' high Messeturm in Frankfurt Germany.

No price is listed. For info contact Rob Harris, TIR
Systems Ltd., 3935 2nd Ave., Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C 3W9.
Ph.: 604-294-8477, Fax: 604-294-3733.

Boy, I'll bet you could rig up a bitch'en greenhouse
setup with something like this. Light up that unused
space under your bench, etc. And with a single 400
watt bulb! I wonder what this system costs?