Dayton, Proboscidea

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 1 Feb 94 10:36:37 MST

>Barry: what's a Dayton thermostat? Is it integrated with a mechanical or
>electrical switching system?

Dayton is a brand. They make a nice sturdy thermostat that lasts for
years in a rugged greenhouse setting. It is not integrated with
any system, it is just a thermostat you use that can handle residential
voltages. Many different models, for operating heating, cooling, and/or
both, electrical units.

>I don't have the 1-800 # for Dayton, but Florist Products in Schaumburg, IL
>sells the 1 stage Dayton thermostat for $46.54. They also have Halide

That sounds a bit steep, but maybe it's been a while since I've priced
their stuff.

>Barry, the _Proboscidea_ arrived today. What's been your experience with
>germination time?

The _P.louisianica_ came up in about a week. Those seeds are originally
from Australia where they are introduced weeds. The _P.parviflora var.
Hohokamiana_ will come up as soon as the soil is warm. I've had them
germinate in a week when I planted them during the summer, meanwhile
when I've planted them in the fall they waited until spring. I suggest
waiting until all frost danger is gone, soaking them in a glass of water
for a day or so, then planting them.