Re: Wardian Heaters

Bob Beer (
Tue, 1 Feb 1994 08:58:50 -0800 (PST)

> >> project, I'd buy a thermostat (a $30 Dayton one would be fine), hook it up
> >> to a light bulb, and be done with it. Maybe I'd rig a small light-tight
> >That's a great suggestion. Do you feel the humidity could cause any sort
> >of fire hazard? Are there fixtures designed for this sort of thing?
I would be careful about putting the halide fixture anywhere it would
actually get wet. As for droplets of water forming on the bulb,
considering the temperature, it is not likely. Now when it is off,
maybe, but by the time it warmed up they would be long gone.

What you *do* have to be *very* careful of is getting any spray or water
mist on the bulb when it is on. If that happens the bulb can shatter
(and they implode rather violently). If it shatters, make sure you don't
look at it, because it can release short wave UV which can damage your
eyes without you even realizing it. Just get out of the room and turn
off the main power.

I work sometimes in a plant store which is lighted almost entirely by
halides. We have never had this happen, (though a few close calls). One
guy did drop one though...luckily it was still in its package, but it
was an amazing sound. :)