Barry Meyers-Rice (
Sat, 29 Jan 94 09:48:03 MST

>>There seems to be a perception here that halide lamps generate lots of
>>heat. My understanding is that they are actually _more_ efficient

> That may be, but consider much heat 10 40 watt 4' tubes would
> generate. Even if halides put out less, it could still be

And don't forget that there are different types of fluorescent bulbs and
ballasts. Recently, fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts have come
on the market. While more expensive, these produce a fraction of the heat
that conventional ballasts produce. In the future I'll buy these for my
plant lighting needs, since heat production in terraria is so irritating.

I have been growing CP for several years under lights, and have never found
any need to get full spectrum bulbs. They are very expensive and the bottom
line is that "cool whites" work!