Re: Halide lamps and heat

Jon Singer (
Fri, 28 Jan 94 22:07:35 PST

Robert Allen makes a good point. I think you can get halide lamps that
are only 175 watts, but I think they are a teeny bit less efficient
than the 400-watters, which in turn are a teeny bit less efficient
than the 1-KW jobs. (I have a 400-watt unit in my greenhouse, and it
is BRIGHT. I really like it.) In any case, yes: think about TEN 4'
fluorescent tubes and how much heat they generate. (On the other hand,
think how much light they put out!)

The person who pointed out that you have to relamp about every 6
months also makes a good point. If you do use halide lamps, you should
seek out a good source of bulbs at decent prices. On the other hand,
I've seen a single 40-watt fluorescent tube go for about half the
price of a single 400-watt halide bulb, if the tube was one of those
special-spectrum things. (The halide bulb, by the way, very closely
approximates daylight, which makes it a fairly decent source.)

Cheers again!