Re: _D. whittakeri (ssp. aberrans?)

Kevin Snively (
Mon, 24 Jan 1994 17:23:10 -0800

two plants are on their way today via priority mail
when you look at the below ground porton of the stem you will notice one
or two lateral shoots branching off. DO NOT BREAK THEM! they will form
your new tubers (corums? ;-) ). these are the cuttings you were curious
about last oct when i mentioned making them. avg temps in my greenhouse
have been 35 deg. F. night and 45-50 deg. F. days. the %R.H. has been
above 95% most of the time. there parents usualy go dormant about june
here and wake up in late aug or early sept. when i pot up transplants of
this type i like to pour my media in dry and when things are just so i
make them wet. i sent the discreption to you with the gardens of the sun
due to a postal snafu the name tage will follow a fiew days later.
later krs