Bob Beer (
Mon, 24 Jan 1994 16:22:04 -0800 (PST)

> >>There is a whole lot more to the system than I have told you,
> >>primarily the fact that they give you a custom made fertilizer that
> >>is based on the plants nutrient consumption, but I would highly
> >>advise against the use of the fertilizer as it killed most of my
> >>plants when I first started using the Phototron.
> Given where the mfgrs. advertise, I'd guess that the fertilizer might
> be specific to a few species, which probably aren't Nepenthes.
> So did you order this from the mfgr.? If so, did you get paid any
> visits by gov't agents after receiving it?

It is sort of hard to imagine growing any illicit substance in such a
narrow container. I don't think you would need to worry about surprise
visits by the DEA. Although there are incidents of people receiving
visits after purchasing 1,000-watt Halide or Sodium lamps, even most of
those people do not have any problem. What the "agencies" watch for is
large jumps in electric power use (say, the kind of jump one would get if
one suddenly started running 6 1,000-watt halides). Since it is doubtful
that many people who had that many of them and could afford it would be
growing CP. Heck, a greenhouse would be cheaper for someone who had
nothing to hide than $1440 yearly just in electric bills! This is based
on the fact that in Seattle, my single halide (which is used for starting
seeds and growing hoyas and stapelias mind you) costs about $20 per month
to run at 16 hours per day. Nepenthes love it too. :)