Re: Desert Peas

Clarke Brunt (
Wed, 19 Jan 94 10:29 GMT

After (partly) starting this 'off the subject' thread, I can add that
I have grown plants of Clianthus puniceus from seed. This plant
is sometimes known as the 'Lobster claw'. Unlike
C. formosus, it is no trouble at all. Hopefully I will get my first
flowers this spring. This is one of those plants which will just
about survive out of doors in the UK in favourable locations, although
mine are still indoors for safety.

My seed came from Chiltern Seeds (UK). As well as the red, they offer
a white form and a pink form.

To get back onto the subject, I'm just looking through my Doug and Vivi
Rowland (Bedford, UK) seed list. They specialise in cacti, succulents,
CPs, other interesting things. I'll have to borrow my friend's CP
book (Slack) to see which of their Drosera and Utricularia might be
worth trying. Maybe I'll have another go at Nepenthes too - I
germinated N. khasiana once, but they died in winter. The Rowlands
have N. khasiana and N. madagascariensis - what kind of N. is the
latter? Is it likely to be growable?