Re: Desert Peas

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Wed, 19 Jan 94 15:11:06 DST

>I have ordered some Clianthus formosus seed and hope to have
>some luck with them. However, I had a conversation with a
>New Zealander from the list about another species. He called
>it the "kaka beak". I lost my correspondense about it, but as
>I recall the flower was all red. I would like to find a source
>for seeds. Being from NZ it might be easier to grow in the

Phil, the "kaka beak" (it's botanical name is Clianthus puniceus) is a close
relative of the Sturt Desert Pea. It would appear that it is easier to grow
judging by the cultivation details given in a book I have. 10" pots are
recommended for it - hope my SDPs don't mind 4" ones... I'm afraid that I
don't know of any seed suppliers. but I occassionally seen what I assume are
kaka beaks being sold as SDPs - as you say, the lack of a "black" centre
gives them away (my last SDP's black centre actually appears to be a very dark
red/maroon sort of colour - I think...).

John Taylor