shake & bake

Gordon C. Snelling (72203.127@CompuServe.COM)
17 Jan 94 22:43:58 EST

Greetings from a some what shakey southern California.I'd like to say
all's well but as a great many of you have no doubt seen we got hit pretty h
hard.from looking at hit it appears has been wiped out but thats
not the case,all the damege you've seen is confined to a relatively small
area.I am app.30 mi e. of the epicenter and although I experienced a
]fairly respectable jolt i've ridden out worse.there was absolutely no damag
to my place.and from what i was able to see today the e . san gabriel
vally area came thru in pretty good shape.I'm sure this may be in
some part to the geology of the area here but i think it also has
to do with the type of of rupture that set this thing yet
i have not felt any of the after shocks but i'm sure that will change.
Barry, I'm really sorry you missed this one it would truly reaffirmed
you desire not to visit this place, but hey who needs Disneyland?
when you've got mother nature.
must be off, all the best Gordon