Re: Tuberous Sundews

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Tue, 18 Jan 94 15:33:42 DST

>re: the germination of tuberous drosera seed. I've had pretty good
>results with mine. The major key with these species is patience, I've
>had some species take a year or more to germinate. unfortunately I
>dont know of any tricks to speed this up.I generally just sow
>them and pretty much try to forget about them, I have noticed greater
>germination in the fall and winter months, with a better survival rate
>of the seedlings as well.if they germinate during thelate spring or
>summer the seedlings often appear not to produce tubers to get them
>thru their dormant period so keep the seedlings cool.

I've had a lot of success with local species - but none with WA ones. Whether
this is because of poor quality/short-lived seeds or not I don't know. Has
anyone tries "scarifying" tuberous sundew seeds with warm/hot/boiling water?
Maybe they are slow to absorb water and need a hurry-up? (I've just had
success in germinating Sturt Desert Pea seeds this way - the greatly swollen
seeds were the ones that germinated (very quickly!) whilst the others didn't..)

John Taylor