Re: Introduction

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Fri, 14 Jan 1994 10:27:06 +0800

>>On the subject of Utrics and Helamphora:
>>Do these require dormancy? My two Utrics (sanderana? and pub?) slowly
>>'disappeared'. They were doing great and the next thing I knew they
>>were gone. Am interested in Helamphora but have the impression that they
>>like cooler places and wouldn't do good in Hawaii...

Some utrics require dormancy, and others do not. Sandersonii
doesn't seem to. pubescens probably doesn't either, but in
my experience, is tough to grow. Mine almost died until I
finally got it stabilized, and now it's slowly coming back.

H. supposedly do like high light, low heat, environments, which
is tough to come by. However I think they will tolerate up to
80 degrees or so. For you, a hybrid might be a better deal, as
the hybrids seem VERY vigorout compared to the species, which
are about as slow as molasses in winter. Typically you see H.
which are almost completely green, because no one can give them
the light they need to color up w/out an undesireable rise in