Re; ping stuff

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Mon, 10 Jan 1994 13:53:54 +0800

>>Small leaves("winter") are easier, there are more of them but they
>>generally produce fewer plantlets each, often only 1 each.
>>Exceptions to above are:
>> P. alfredae - grows a new plantlet at end of each sinuous summer leaf.
>> Winter leaves are so small and scale like that they
>> are very difficult to use (don't know anyone
>> strike rate.

Sadly I lost my few plantlets of this. The were from in vitro
and didn't make the transition to my high humidity ping chamber
under lights. Other plants from in vitro did make it. I don't
know if the loss was due to my error, or if it was because the
thinner leaves of P. heterophylla (formerly alfredae) are more
delicate and subject to dehydration or other mishap :-(.

>> P. primuliflora - why bother? It makes lots of plantlets on
>> its summer leaf ends without any help at all!

Actually I get more of the babies during the winter, when
things are good & damp.

In other news, this weekend I picked up a small _P._moranensis_"A"_
from Peter D'Amato. I was attracted to it because it has green
leaves turning to reddish around the edges. It wasn't until I got
this home that I realized it looks remarkably like my _P._agnata_ :-(.
I hope it's not the same species, but I figure it will be at least
a year before I'll have even a prayer of telling. Personally I fear
that the majority of Mexican pings are either moranensis or agnata :-).