Re: question

11 Jan 1994 10:09:22 +1200


> But in my case, my PC is running off DOS, not UNIX.
> I suppose the mainframe I log into to get mail may be using UNIX. If
> so, I should UUDECODE in that environment before downloading to my PC?

Well, I use a DOS PC as a terminal to a VMS machine. There is a DOS program
which will look after UUencode/decode fro you. Do you have access to FTP
through your account? What about modem access to a local BBS, many BBSs have
the UU suite of programs available...

> Or is a UUENCODed file self-extracting with the UUDECODE command?

Not typically although there are some alternative ways of encoding/decoding
that I've never used...

Just my thoughts.