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Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Sun, 9 Jan 1994 13:53:19 GMT+1

> Date: Sat, 8 Jan 1994 02:33:21 -0800
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> From: (Jan Schlauer)
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> Subject: Re: _Heliamphora_

> Andreas, I wrote in a reply to you:
> >(...) nor does it seem too probable that _H.nutans_ (which may have
> >pitchers rather similar to those of the Tramen-tepui plant) should
> >have reached the Ilu-massif.
> Until yesterday, I laboured under the mistake (inexcusable, again!)
> that _H.nutans_ and _H.ionasii_ were allopatric species. This is of
> course almost complete nonsense as I see now, after having read
> MAGUIRE more thoroughly. Their geographic ranges do overlap
> completely, only _H.ionasii_ being somewhat restricted to the north.
> _H.nutans_ DOES DEFINITELY OCCUR on Mt. Ilu-tepui (cf. e.g. a
> collection made 1952 by MAGUIRE, no. 33379)

I'd be not completely sure about this as a plant most likely to be a
natural hybrid between H. ionasii and another doubtful sp. (I called
this one "spec. 1" for the moment though I know that you hate such
pseudo-names, Jan :-)) occurs on the common Base of Ilu and Tramen
which looks much like a small H. ionasii with short hair, that means
much like H. nutans (I inexcusably call this one H. spec "2" at the
moment :-)).
Spec. "1" looks different for me as the W. Baumgartl-plant however
I'm not 100% sure about this at the moment.

I think best would be a study based on RFLP or other methods which
stronger estimate the genotype rather than the phenotypic expression
to clarify such questions.