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Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Fri, 7 Jan 94 09:22:49 MST

Hey all:

I was chatting with Rick Walker, who does the noble job of maintaining
this list so well, and came up with an idea for something useful we
should have stored in the archives of our group. I would like to assemble
the addresses of all the CP societies for easy access. The information
I would like to have is the following....

Organization Name:
Organization Address:
Subscription rates:
Publication name, related benefits:
Quick profile:
Date revised:

So for example, the three CP bodies I belong to would be described as...

International Carnivorous Plant Society
Fullerton Arboretum
California State University at Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92634 USA
Subscription: $15 U.S.A./$20 Foreign
Membership Benefits: Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (quarterly), seedbank.
Meetings: None
Profile: The ICPS is the largest CP organization in the world.
Revised: January 1994

Australian Carnivorous Plant Society
P.O. Box 391
St. Agnes, South Australia 5097
Subscription: $15 AU
Membership Benefits: Bull. of the A.C.P.S. (quarterly), seedbank.
Meetings: Quarterly
Profile: A small society with a strong emphasis on Australian flora
Revised: January 1994

carnivorous plant email newsgroup
listserv@hpl-opus.hpl.hp.com (email)
walker@hpl-cutt.hpl.hp.com (email to Rick Walker)
Subscription: Free
Membership Benefits: email communication, archived databases
Meetings: none
Profile: An unmoderated discussion group of approximately 100 people.
Revised: January 1994

The revision date will just be useful since some of these associations
disappear after a while. So, send me all the addresses etc. you have for
various societies. I have the Bay Area CP one, but that's it. Don't assume
anyone else is going to do it---they're assuming you'll send me info....
If I just get an address for a society, I'll send to them directly for
info, but it would be faster if you had it.