Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Wed, 5 Jan 1994 10:21:28 GMT+1

Andreas Wistuba



As I m new to this carnivorous plant discussion group I want to
introduce myself shortly:

I m 26 years old and became interested in CP s about twelve years
ago. After I was first interested in any CP s, I ve now specialised in
Nepenthes and Heliamphora which I grow in a greenhouse, under
fluorescent tubes and in vitro. At the moment I m mainly interested in
tissue culture propagation of various CP s (mainly Nepenthes and
I became interested in this e-mail-group by Jan Schlauer who also told
me that recently a plant order from my pricelist was organized via this
list. So perhaps some of you know that I run some kind of a part time
nursery selling in-vitro-propagated plants.
Besides my interest in CP I like travelling to far-away countries. I
combined both interests some times by travelling to Venezuela and to
Indonesia and Malaysia a few times in search for Heliamphora and
Nepenthes. In Indonesia I travelled to Kalimantan, Sulawesi and
Another Interest of myself is nature-photography.
I studied biology at Heidelberg University and specialized in molecular
biology. At the moment I m working at the German Cancer Institute
(dkfz) and doing my Ph.D-thesis there.
I m interested in communicating with people who are interested in the
same fields as I am and I d also be glad to change plants and
informations..... .
I hope this was the way of self-introduction which was requested for.
Please excuse my english-errors.

Is anyone also working with tissue cultures of CP?
Did anybody succeed meristemming Nepenthes?
Does anybody grow tuberous Drosera in vitro?
I d like to trade young plants of Nepenthes for other Nepenthes I do not
yet grow or for tubers of tuberous Droseras.
I have Heliamphora tatei, Nepenthes inermis and more to trade for
other rare Nepenthes or Heliamphora s.

I d be very happy to find some mails in the computer.