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Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Tue, 4 Jan 1994 08:55:49 +0800

>>On a far more irritating note, I just watered my _Nepenthes_ which I keep in
>>my office. Something seemed a bit strange about the water (I keep a jug
>>of distilled water in my office), so I tasted it. Dammit! My office mate
>>keeps some sea anemones by his desk, and by adding some damned brine mix
>>packet to *MY* distilled water, he turned it into sea water. So now I have
>>to come back to the office tonight and flush out all my plants which I just
>>watered with brine. I am irritated. Fortunately I only watered two of the
>>plants, but since they are in a terrarium, the entire tank has been
>>compromised. Sheesh.

Someone accidentally or intentionally poisoning my water jugs
here at work is one of my worst fears. Fortunately my office
mate has neither plants nor fish. You're lucky it was Nepenthes.
They are the most resistant to bad water, but it's still no fun
to have to clean out a terrarium :-(.