plant with spent flower in shade.
plant with spent flower in open situation.

The pictures were taken at a well-known site in S Alabama along roadside ditches and powerline cuts. Plants in different situations (open vs. overgrowing) show quite a range of variability both in colouration and stature. Not all individuals are of a pronouncedly large type (as sometimes stated in the literature). Unfortunately, this site is frequently visited by poachers who unscrupulously remove the easily accessible plants (which are visible from the road). Sarracenia rubra wherryi is accompanied here by S. leucophylla (dominant), S. psittacina (sometimes well hidden in the ground), Drosera filiformis tracyi (quite abundant), D. capillaris (ubiquitous), and other interesting plants.

Photo Info
Name: [Sarracenia rubra wherryi]
Credit: Jan Schlauer
Date: May, 22, 2001