950214: Habitus (natural site), April 15, 1995
950232: Habitus (natural site), April 15, 1995
950237: Habitat, April 15, 1995

Origin of depicted specimens: Spain, Prov. de Cuenca, northernmost part of the Sierra de Cuenca, Rio Guadiela, Hoz de Beteta, 1200 m, limestone.

It is astonishing how this species could survive in these relatively dry rocks for thousands of years.

I think the P. longifolia-group of this site is more or less identical with the subspecies from the Tortosa region and therefore I list it among P. longif. subsp. dertosensis.

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula longifolia subsp. dertosensis]
Credit: Juerg Steiger, (steiger@iae.unibe.ch)
Date: April 15, 1995