7713: Three views of flower (cultivation specimens) July 16, 1977
7835: Habitus (cultivation specimens) July 23, 1978
8125: Leaves (cultivation specimens) July 23, 1981

Origin of depicted specimens: Bulgaria, Vitosha Mt. (south of Sofia) between Stastliveca Hotel and the summit of Cerni Vrach, 2200m, granite, collected by myself September 17, 1976. See also P. vulgaris)

Note the numerous little flies sitting on the flowers of these cultivation specimens in photo 7835.

Even in sites with full sun, the specimens of the Vitosha site display a conspicuous difference of pigmentation of the leaves. Some rosettes remain absolutely green while others develop brownish-reddish pigmentation. This difference also remains in cultivation as shown in picture 8125. The flowers of both leaf types do not differ in color.

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula balcanica]
Credit: Juerg Steiger, (steiger@iae.unibe.ch)
Date: July 22, 1977