7643: Three views of flower (natural site specimens), July 2, 1976
7640: Habitus (natural site), June 29, 1976

Origin of depicted specimens: Italy, Campania, Valle delle Ferriere above Amalfi, 200m, limestone, collected June 29, 1976, by myself. This subspecies is considered by S.J. Casper and several other authors as a distinct species (P. hirtiflora). As also P. crystallina it varies morphologically from site to site. There is a gradient of morphological and caryological characteristics from Italy through Ex-Yugoslavia, Albania; Greece and Turkey till Cyprus. J. Contandriopoulos identified within this subspecies 4 ploidy groups (2n=16, 24, 32 and 48)

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula crystallina subsp. hirtiflora]
Credit: Juerg Steiger, (steiger@iae.unibe.ch)
Date: July 2, 1976