7078: Three views of flower (cultivation specimens), June 10, 1970
940821: Flowers (cultivation specimens), May 23, 1994

Origin of depicted specimens: France, Dépt. Ain, near border to Dépt. Jura, between Col de la Faucille and Mijoux (20 km N of the Swiss city Geneva), 1200 m, loamy limestone soil, collected by myself May 28, 1970. At this site as in some others of this region the f. pallida is associated with the dark flowered 'normal' form. There is also at least one site where exclusively the f. pallida is found. See also 70144 (with P. longifolia ssp. longifolia) and 70132 (with other species).

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula grandiflora f. pallida]
Credit: Juerg Steiger, (steiger@iae.unibe.ch)
Date: May 30, 1956