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closeup of flower
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plant with flowers in cultivation

P. filifolia is a tropical homophyllous species, growing in an habitat which is called "sabanas arenosas" (white sand savannah) in the western part of Cuba. This habitat is caracterized by a wet soil, while the surface consists of pure white sand, the lower soil layers are of organic origin. What is unique within the genus Pinguicula is the fact that P. filifolia has erect leaves, which have no lamina but only a petiole, completely covered with carnivorous glands (filifolia = thread-like leaf). At first sight the plant looks like Drosera filiformis, but the flowers show that it is a Pinguicula species. Plants flower all the year round. Humidity should be high and temperatures are best in a range between 25-30 C. Soil should be wet all the year round. The easiest way to propagate this species is by self-pollination. A mix of 50% peat and 50% fine white sand as soil has shown satisfactory results.

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Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula filifolia]
Credit: Oliver Gluch
Date: September 1998